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New Rules

Started by A1 Oct 25th, 2021 at 20:32
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Quote: A1
Cashoutpoints are not considered to be the points that have been earned so far by clicking on the pTC ads.
The points earned on offers wall are considered cashout points.
You click on the advertise tab and all the possibilities of ads appear and there you buy the credits you need.


I Beg Your Pardon, But Sir I CLiCKED Ads at 3 OfferWalls: ClixWall, SkippyAds and Offers4All From 25 OCT. Onwards, Which SHOULD Be Counted as My CASHOUT-Points !?
i.e. CURRENT Points - TOTAL Clicks - Forum-Posts' Pts. => OfferWalls' CLiCKS /Cashout-Points
(*P.S.: I Have Dashboard Snapshot of 25 Oct.)

Secondly, PLEASE Add Option to Buy PTC Credits on the Advertise Page

Best Regards
A1 (Admin)
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I apologize for not answering sooner

As I have announced
only clicks on offers4all ads give cashoutpoints.

The function to buy credits for ads is on since the PTC was launched.

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En que parte del sitio puede verse la cantidad de cashout points acumulados? Realmente no encuendtro donde ni entiendo como saber cuando alcanzamos los 300 que solicitan. Gracias.
A1 (Admin)
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Los puntos se ven en el mismo sitio que se ven los puntos que se suman al hacer click en los anuncios.
Ahora no se suman puntos por hacer click en los anuncios de la PTC sino que por cada click en un anuncio en offers4all se suma 1 punto y son estos los cash point.
Puedes hacer la siguiente prueba.
Haz un click en un anuncio de offers4all y veras como se suma un punto en "Points" en Evergreenclix

The points are viewed in the same place you see the points for clicking on the ads.
Points are no longer added for clicking on the PTC ads but for each click on an ad on offers4all 1 point is added and these are the cash points.
You can do the following test.
Click on an offers4all ad and you will see how a point is added in "Points" in Evergreenclix.