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Payment Issue

Started by kdshishir Jul 10th, 2022 at 12:27
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Total-60 Payout (min 2$-max 7$)
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My Membership: Total-60 Payout (min 2$-max 7$)

I have made deposit $120 from 23th November 2021 to 29th April 2022.

But so far I have been able to withdraw only $27.16. Which averages $3.88 per month for seven months.

As such, I will have to wait another 2 years to get my total investment back.
In the light of these statistics, I am seeking the advice of the experienced and the opinion of the honorable Admin.

Thank You.
A1 (Admin)
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Your calculations are wrong and erroneous.
You can withdraw between 2$ -7$ EVERY 7 DAYS, that is 4 times/month.
Calculating with a withdrawal lower than 2$ is 8$/month.
First: It is no longer 2 years to recover.
Second: From January 2022 until today you could
28 times and you have only done it 7 times.
The strategy to follow is a decision of the user and not of the administration.
This is a clarification and not a discussion with replies... etc. etc. etc.
Thank you