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3 days Revshares Promo
Published on May 21st, 2021 11:30 am

Revshares Promo

Terms and conditions:
- Investments and profits can be withdrawn at any time without any restriction
- Only for deposits

Standard Membership
Price/ 1 Revshare: 2$
Daily Cap  2.5%
Plan de Duration 50 days
Maturity  125%
and  get free 1000PTC credits + 2000 banners ads credits

Silver and Golden Membership

Price/ 1 Revshare: 5$
Daily Cap  3%
Plan de Duration 50 days
Maturity  130%
and  get free 2000PTC credits + 4000 banners ads credits

Golden Plus, Silver Year, and Gold Year

Price/ 1 Revshare: 10$
Daily Cap  5%
Plan de Duration 50 days
Maturity  150%
and  get free 3000PTC credits + 6000 banners ads credits

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Promo ends Monday, May 24 at 24:00

Revshares Plans
Published on May 18th, 2021 11:12 am

Today, EverGreen group (EverGreenclix and Everprofitbux) offers 3 well-studied and sustainable Revshares Plans able to generate good and regular profits.
The required investment is very small and designed so that all users can benefit.
Without big investments and without the need to make click, you can get good profits.
All users have three options to choose from:

1. Only PTC: (Membership+ RR+DR+ etc):
- The memberships still have the same cost as we knew so far.
- Refunds follow the PTC rules.
-Revshares cannot be purchased at this option.

2. Revshares only (No RR and DR)
-Three new memberships have been created for Revshares.
-Profits and capital can be withdrawn in these memberships without limits or restrictions.
-No clicking required

3. PTC + Revshares: You can have the 2 options and also the operation of each one independent of the other. Ask by ticket


Please read Tutorial


New Weekend Promo. Bonus + RR + DR + PTC Credits + Banner ads credits
Published on May 07th, 2021 12:35 pm

New Weekend Deposit Promo


-Deposit and get:

 -30% in PB+1RR for every $ deposited+1 active DR for each $deposited +1000 Ptc credits for each $ deposited+2000Banner ads    Credits  for each dollar

-If a deposit is by Payeer: 10% extra on PB and RR
-If a deposit is by Paypal or faucet pay: 15% extra on PB and RR 

.FaucetPay and Paypal: Manual (Open a ticket and request for account number)

Promo ends Monday, May 10 at 24:00

Limited Payeer Deposit Promo
Published on Apr 27th, 2021 12:58 pm

Limited  Payeer Deposit Promo

Only for Payeer and FaucetPay deposits.

-Deposit and get 30% in PB+ 1RR for every dollar deposited + 1000 Ptc credits for each $ deposited


Promo ends Friday, April 30 at 24:00

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The Best Weekend Promo: FREE Membership +RR + PTC credits
Published on Apr 16th, 2021 11:38 am

The Best Weekend Promo


FREE Membership Promo +RR + PTC credits

1.FREE Yearly Silver and Gold memberships

Deposit 25$ and get Free Silver180 Days + 10 RR + 1000 PTC Credits

Deposit 40$ and get Free Silver Yearly +15 RR +  2000 PTC credits

Deposit 35$ and get Free Golden 180 Days + 25 RR + 3000 PTC credits

Deposit 60$ and get Free Golden Yearly +35 RR + 4000 PTC credits

2.FREE Monthly Silver, Gold, and Gold plus memberships

Deposit 5$ and get Free Silver monthly + 5 RR + 500 PTC credits  
Deposit 10$ and get Free Gold monthly +10 RR + 1000 PTC credits
Deposit 25$ and get Free Golden Plus + 15 RR + 1500 PTC credits

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The promo ends on April  17th at 24:00

3 days super Promo
Published on Apr 08th, 2021 01:09 pm

3 days Super Promo

Deposit and get 30% in PB+ 1RR for each dollar deposited
If a deposit is by airtm or faucet pay: 10% extra on PB and RR

Starts April 9th at 00:00(server time)

Ends March 11th at 24:00(server time)

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Lim.48h Deposit Promo
Published on Apr 01st, 2021 11:00 am

Lim.48h Deposit Promo

Only for Perfectmoney and FaucetPay deposits.

-Deposit and get 30% in PB+ 1RR for every dollar deposited

.Perfectmoney: automatic

.FaucetPay: Manual, Open a ticket and request for account number

Promo ends Friday, April 2nd at 24:00

Weekend Promo-2 For all Users
Published on Mar 26th, 2021 06:23 pm


Deposit Promo 
Deposit 2$  to 4$  and get 10% extra  in  P.Balance  
Deposit 5$  to 10$ and get 15% extra  in   P.Balance  
Deposit  11$ to 20$ and get 20% extra in P.Balance
Deposit 21$ to 40$ and get 25% extra in P.Balance

Deposit  100$ to 200$ and get 35% extra in P.Balance
Deposit OVER 201$ and get   45% extra in P.Balance


You can also use Faucetpay and PayPal but manually. 

Starts March 26th at 24:00(server time)
Ends March 28th at 24:00(server time)
Bonus will be added manually  

Weekend Promo For all users
Published on Mar 12th, 2021 11:10 am

Weekend Promo   For all users

Deposit(Min. 2$) and Get:

All  RR and DR.......30%  discount + 500 Ptc credits for each $ deposit
All Memberships....35%  discount + 1000 Ptc credits for each $ deposit


Starts March 12th at 24:00(server time)

Ends March 14th at 24:00(server time)

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Great Packages Promo
Published on Mar 11th, 2021 01:09 pm


EverGreenClix celebrating of 10 months online and over 6000 users.

Thanks to all users for their confidence in the EverGreenClix team. 

 1.Deposit and get:  

SILVER HighAvg Pack-6$ 

 SILVER High Avg: Membership
15 Rented Referrals
2 Direct Referrals
25000 Banner Ad Credits…
Save 4.50$ )


2.Deposit and get:

GOLDEN GreatAvg Pack-18$

GOLDEN GreatAvg : Membership
50 Rented Referrals
5 Direct Referrals
50000 Banner Ad Credits
…( Save 7$ )

3.Deposit and get

GOLD PLUS PlusAvg Pack-35$  
GOLD PLUS : Membership
75 Rented Referrals
5 Direct Referrals
75000 Banner Ad Credits.......
Save 15$ )

4.Deposit and get

 SILVER YEAR TopAvg  Pack-60$

SILVER YEAR: Membership
100 Rented Referrals
10 Direct Referrals
100000 Banner Ad Credits.....
Save 20$)

5. Deposit and get

 GOLD YEAR MaxAvg  Pack - 115$

GOLD YEAR: Membership
250 Rented Referrals
25 Direct Referrals
150000 Banner Ad Credits.......
(Save 35$)


 Promo  ends on March 24

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