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Incentivized Registrations Are Forbidden
Published on Jun 24th, 2020 09:08 pm

We detected that some users are using, or similar sites to pay people and instruct them to register in and perform tasks in our website.

We want to recall these users that these practices are strictly forbidden as per our tems of service, and these account are subject to suspension.

We encourage these members to stop doing this. If they don't leave these bad practices immediately, these accounts will be suspended and the remaining balance will be forfeited.


Thanks for understanding

The Evergreenclix Team

Anti-cheat ad activated
Published on Jun 19th, 2020 06:26 pm

Hi users,


We activated the anti-cheat ad to detect cheaters

If a user clicks on this announcement his account is immediately suspended.

A user can click on this ad for three reasons

1. You click because you make a mistake

2.Using multiaccounts and all multiaccount

3. using autoclick software

If a user clicks by mistake we reset the account up to 5 times

Please be careful not to click on this ad